Hair Cut

Tips for the Groomer

Draw all the hair on the nose forward place the scissors flat against the nose and cut in a
Circle anything falling over the nose
Shave hair between eyes and cut in an outward V from between eyes like pic above to even
The hair on the nose then circle around the eyes Leave two inches on the head
cut the coat covering the ears about 1/4″ below the ear leathers. This creates the look of a more boxy head.

By raising the muzzle straight up, the groomer can make a two inch swath under the neck from under one ear, across the upper part of the neck to the other ear. The area does not show and allows air to enter the ears.
Shave tightly the hair from there to between front legs
The coat on the legs should be and look thick 2”. The coat flows straight down to the ground covering toes and nails. One should trim between each pad of the foot and keep the coat on the front of the foot rounded.
The coat on the back and under the belly and around the tail cut to 1”

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