Before Committing

What to Consider Before Committing to Owning an Australian Labradoodle

While a labradoodle can bring a great deal of joy to your life, you have to realize that they – and any other type of dog, for that matter – also require a lot of time, work and attention. A dog should be an extra member of your family, so it’s important that you think long and hard before you bring one into your home. Before you commit to this big decision, think about whether you’re ready and able to give a dog everything that he needs.

Do You Have the Time?

It’s no secret that dogs take up a lot of your time. There’s the walking, feeding, training and playing. What you might not realize is that it’s not really fair to leave your dog on his own for more than a few hours at a time. Therefore, if you work all day and no-one else is home, you may not be in the position to own a dog right now. If you do work all day, you have a couple of options. You could hire a dog walker to walk and play with your dog for a couple of hours each day, or you could enroll him in doggy day care or what I use to do is get up earlier and take the dog for a long walk in the morning and I found that he slept happily until I got home in the evening a happy dog will rest while you are out and a happy dog is a well excersised dog.

Exercise Requirements

Not only do you have to have the time to exercise your dog, you need to stimulate the mind with training excersise eg;  go find, fetch and discipline also.  It will keep you physically fit giving him all the exercise that he needs. Labradoodles are energetic and love playtime. All dogs require two walks each day of between 20 minutes and an hour.

A Labradoodle is for Life

So you might be ready for early morning walks and extra food bills now, but can you say – beyond a reasonable doubt – that you’ll be okay with these things for the rest of your doodle’s life. The average labradoodle lives for between 10 and 15 years, so that is a big commitment. If you’re unsure then you might want to wait a while until you’re in a more stable position.

Advantages on the other hand

Wonderful companion, up for any journey in the car, beach trips trekking in the mountain, don’t mind the bad weather, or the muddy fields.  Brings great joy to your life, always there to comfort you, tell him anything he can keep a secret and patting him brings you both great relaxation.

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