Labradoodles Characteristics

Characteristics of a Labradoodle

This adorable breed interests many potential dog owners. Poodles were crossbred with Labrador Retrievers and the result is this lovable breed. The intention of creating the Labradoodle was to develop a hypoallergenic guide dog. Today, the Labradoodle is best known as an intelligent and social family pet. There Labradoodle has a variety of characteristics potential pet parents will want to consider before making a final choice to welcome a Labradoodle into their family.

  • Enthusiastic – Labradoodles are filled with joy and enthusiasm for life. They get happy and excited to eat, play, go outside and do just about anything else. They express their enthusiasm with their body language by slightly jumping and joyfully pacing.
  • Friendly – Labradoodles are extremely friendly and kind to everyone around them. They can get along with other pets as well as family members, friends, visitors and strangers. Some may even consider them to be overly friendly.
  • Temperament – Temperament of the Labradoodle is affected by factors such as socialization, training and heredity. Most Labradoodles are playful, curious and have nice temperaments.
  • Good with Children – Labradoodles are gentle, caring and playful, making them the perfect pet for young children. Labradoodles enjoy spending time with children and will even seek them out in the house to play and be close to them. When the Labradoodle becomes fond of children they instinctively and naturally take on the babysitter role.
  • Non-Aggressive – Labradoodles are not aggressive dogs. They also are not good at being a guard dog or protector of any kind. It is rare for a Labradoodle to be aggressive.
  • Intelligent – Labradoodles are highly intelligent and trainable. Dog owners will enjoy training him or her adhere to a variety of obedience training commands as well as fun tricks. They are also great contestants for agility training.
  • Playful – Labradoodles are usually in a great mood and exuding joy and happiness. Their playful attitude fills any room they are in and encourages dog owners and family members to play along and join the fun. Labradoodles will surely cheer you up from a sad, stressed or depressed mood with their exuberant energy and playfulness.

If you are a potential dog owner that is thinking of welcoming a Labradoodle into your family, you will want to take the characteristics of the breed into consideration. If you are looking for an energetic, kind, sweet, companion that has the ability to cheer you up and play with your children all day than this might be the right breed for you.

Labradoodles are becoming increasingly popular and in high demand as family pets. They are adorable and have a sweet, fun personality. Your entire family will welcome him or her with open arms. They are charming and extremely friendly with everyone they meet, including strangers. As with any dog breed Labradoodles can have a variety of personalities but generally are all non-aggressive, sweet, charming, loyal and playful.

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