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Baharaki Labradoodles

Why Guardian programme

So we like dogs! We also realize that the concept of a Guardian Home may be one that you have never heard of before. That said, we do not and will not run a kennel-like operation at our home. We maintain a clean and healthy home and environment for our family, friends, and for our dogs. All of our dogs that do reside here are a part of our family. In fact, some of our companion dogs are neutered and are not breeders at all, but only beloved members of our family!

We want our dogs to have the best, a happy, well-adjusted puppy. We realize how daunting adopting a puppy can be! We truly love this breed, and believe in the position we have taken in nurturing them. They are wonderful and distinct breeds that make fantastic family companions. By being a Guardian Family, you can help us to further share these dogs with others. In addition you will acquire one of your very own, if you could otherwise not afford one, or would simply rather pay the price of merely loving it as your pet! We sometimes also compensate you for your time by offering a puppy from a litter or the value of a puppy !  We keep or acquire only the best of the lines for potential breeders, so you would be getting only the finest of a breed that is already known for its overall quality. So if you are interested in this opportunity, let us know by email to

We take our philosophy of dog/puppy rearing very seriously, and have on-going and positive relationships with each Guardian Family, and each of them takes excellent care of their dog(s)! We are so grateful to each of these families with which we share these dogs and we appreciate the loving environment they provide to each of them. We hope that after consideration and talking with us, that you might want to be a Guardian Home as well. We take careful consideration when placing any puppy or dog with anyone, to ensure that the pup is right for you, and you for the pup. If you would like to learn more about how you might acquire one of our pups by being a Guardian Home, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you for your interest in the Australian Labradoodle

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